Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This morning on GMA we did a segment on salad.

Here you can see my hands tossing the salad on the Jumbotron in Times Square on Good Morning America. 

It was a very busy day @GMA today. We had the Editor from Shop Smart Magazine on the show, talking about fast food salads. I had to reconstruct salads from 6 fast food chains plus show how to make your own salads at home with all the fixin's and set up how to make dressing. Joe, my right hand, was in rare form today so I thought I would reward him with a few shots of his amazing self. Katie the producer for the segment asked me to toss the salad for the 8 o'clock open. I was delighted to oblige. Robin liked a few of the salads from the segment, so I brought some up to her dressing room with Quiana's (Robin's producer) help. On the way I was startled by Katie's good cheer and proceeded to drop the dressing all over the floor and walls of the corridor. Katie and Ali cleaned it up without a moments hesitation and with such kindness in there usual joking manner. They came back to the office in my car and I was able to get these beautiful shots of these adorable and gifted girls!

Katie and Ali in the back

Tracy up front in the car

Photos and text by Karen Pickus
Courtesy of Karen Pickus 2010

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