Saturday, March 13, 2010

GMA 3/12

Today our friend Emeril Lagasse, our food correspondent, was on the show. I have had the enormous pleasure of working with Emeril for 13-14 years. We have worked very closely on each of the segments presented at the studio over these years. I have had a blast doing it because not only is Emeril a very giving presenter, he is a wonderful guy. He is friendly, funny, clever and considerate, and he has been very appreciative and respectful of all of my effort each and every time.
Photo of Emeril and me that Maria took. Words can't express my gratitude!

This is Emeril's beans and sausage that I made for the demo.

Here is some of the food I made for the segment. Emeril's Pork Cutlet Parmegiano, Pasta with Emeril's sauce, and a yummy tossed salad I composed.

Here some of the audience members are enjoying the beans.

                        This is the oven fried chicken I made for Emeril's tips that will air next week.

                        We are all so excited about this olive oil! Eddie, our stage manager, graciously took this shot.


 Our Stalwart Commander, Jim, after the show. ( I didn't make the sandwich, he did).

Photos by Karen Pickus , except where stated.
 Text by Karen Pickus
 Courtesy, Karen Pickus 2010


Anonymous said...

Ka, as always you have a way with words and your photo's are outstanding.

Rube said...

Best Person-Best Chef!
Love when you're here! :)

Finished Slaw

Finished Slaw
Ready to eat!