Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Behind the scenes at GMA. ( Rocco Di Spirito was our wonderful guest!)

These pictures represent just some of the hard working folk I have the privilege to work with. I will include many others in future blogs.

Here I am "walking" Rocco through the segment. Maria, magnanimously took the picture.

This is the phenomenal Sam Champion and Rocco talking together before the segment.

Maria our fabulous food producer, is one of the most well organized people I know. She stays on top of her game, which is no small feat!

This is Evelyn, the incredibly talented wardrobe stylist. Here she is getting Robin's sweater ready for her to wear on camera.

Here is Robin, graciously, as always, offering the fantastic audience Rocco's brownies that I made for the segment.

Eddie, our awesome Stage Manager. This guy never gets riled no matter what is going on. He also has a great sense of humor. His is the big laugh you hear sometimes when you watch the show.

This is Brian and Gary. Both amazing prop men who have helped me with getting tables up to the set and have assisted me in the kitchen on occasion. They also handle moving, fixing and creating sets, among many other amazing and rigorous tasks. These guys are great "buds" and can't you see why?

Marty, the out side prop man extraordinaire for Good Morning America. Marty buys all of the food and sundries I request for our exceptional food segments, in addition to many other responsibilities for the show. If anything is requested for the show no matter how soon it is needed he makes it his business to get it there on time, no matter what!

Photos and writing by Karen Pickus
except photo of Rocco and me, by Maria
Courtesy Karen Pickus 2010

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