Monday, July 18, 2011

Mint Lemonade, Homemade

This is easy and delicious. Everyone will love you for making this. Hot summer, so refreshing.
Refrigerate overnight and it is fantastic! The mint gets army green by then so I recommend you scoop it out and replace it with some fresh sprigs. Only if you have any lemonade left.


Juice of 5 lemons (1 cup freshly squeezed)

1 lemon sliced thin
1 cup sugar
1 bunch mint sprigs
3 quarts water


Juice the lemons, slice the lemon and put these ingredients into a large jar or pitcher. Add the sugar and the mint and stir it all together to release the flavors. Stir in the water. Chill and serve or put ice cubes in the glasses.

Writing, recipe and photo by Karen Pickus 2011
Courtesy Karen Pickus 2011

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DougLovesKaren'sFood said...

So cool and refreshing sounding. Thank you.

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