Friday, July 15, 2011


These donuts are incredible. I'm just sayin. If you are ever on the Island of Martha's, RUN do not walk to Back Door Donuts. You are in for the best treat. They have many varieties...we had Honey Dipped and Glazed Chocolate Cake. Last evening I heard raves from other enthusiasts about other varieties when we hopped on the long but quick moving line. The chocolate glaze had that fantastic crispiness and warm, just fried chocolaty cakeyness that will make you swoon.  The honey dipped was rich and yummy... the perfect donut, not too sweet! To top it off they were each $1 dollar.

Writing and photos, by Karen Pickus 2011
Writing and photos courtesy Karen Pickus 2011

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DougLovesKaren'sFood said...

Whoa!!! These donuts look and sound great. I like that you showed the half eaten ones .... that still promise to taste great!

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