Monday, April 15, 2013

Roasted Marinated Red Peppers

I love these peppers. I know the peeling part is a pain but well worth the trouble, I think.  Sure beats the jarred variety by far. They are great on sandwiches or as an appetizer served with fresh Mozzarella or Buratta.

They are a magnificent addition to an antipasto platter. These are my go to all around favorite condiment. Another taste treat is using red jalapenos or Fresno peppers, if you like heat.

4 Red bell peppers
3 Tbs. Olive oil
2 Tbs. aged balsamic vinegar
1 Tbs. red wine vinegar
1/8th-1/4 tsp. salt
5 grinds black pepper
1-1/2 tsp. dried oregano

Char the peppers all over on an open flame until the skin is black and blistered. Place the hot peppers inside of a plastic bag.

 This will steam the skin so that the peppers are easier to peel. When the peppers are cool enough to touch, peel them thoroughly. Use some running water to remove the charred skin if absolutely necessary.
Place the peppers in a ceramic, non reactive crock or glass bowl, add the remaining ingredients and toss the peppers so that they are coated with the marinade.  Cover and marinate over night in the refrigerator, if you can wait. They will keep for several days in the refrigerator, well covered.

Recipe writing and photos by Karen Pickus 2013
Recipe Courtesy Karen Pickus 2013

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