Sunday, January 31, 2010

I went to see my brother today

I have a terrific brother Dave, and went to see him today. We didn't get together this past holiday season cause we were both way over we thought it was befitting we "get together already", this January, better late than never I always say... He says it too!
Well he gave my daughter this thermos that I think is so outstanding! It keeps things water to save on not using plastic bottles when you are on the go. It is made of steel and not insulated with glass, so not dangerous! Lightweight too! In order to use this thing, you first take the top off, which then becomes this neat little drinking cup. Then this bright red button is revealed. You push the button, that enables the thing to pour, so nicely, that you are apt not to spill the liquid or have it come out too quickly, which is often a major problem with most thermoses. Not this one! It is decorated with these kooky circles in fun colors, that makes you feel like you are having a great time, and so delightful to use! What a fun gadget!

Photos and writing by Karen Pickus
Courtesy Karen Pickus 2010

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